FBI and Secret Service Investigating Bank Cyberattacks

JP Morgan ChaseIt was only earlier this week news surfaced that JPMorgan customers were being targeted in a broad e-mail phishing campaign. The campaign attempted (to an unknown degree of success) to collect credentials for that bank and also infect PCs with a virus for stealing passwords from other institutions. Continue reading

Dairy Queen – The Latest in a Blizzard of Data Breaches

Dairy QueenDairy Queen appears to be the latest victim of the unending slew of data breaches in recent news. Rumors of a credit and debit card breach at Dairy Queen first surfaced a couple weeks ago but there was no evidence supporting this claim at the time. The latest report come from a credit union in the Midwestern United States stating that it has detected fraud on cards that have been recently used at a minimum of a half-dozen Dairy Queen locations in and around its home state. Continue reading

Cybercrime Innovations & Latest in Data Breach Learnings

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In this fast-paced and informative webinar, internet security experts will review recent trends in cybercrime and encapsulate lessons learned so you can keep critical business and customer data as secure as possible from hackers. Continue reading

Free WiFi – A Potentially Dangerous Amenity

Wifi SignalIf you’re like most people, you don’t think twice when you go into a public place like Starbucks with your laptop and jump on to the free wireless connection to do a little work.  Free WiFi is a godsend when you’re waiting for your flight at the airport, doing research at the library, shopping online in the hotel lobby, checking your bank statement in the lounge, whatever. Continue reading

E-Mail Security Eye Opener


Just as all U.S. citizens are called upon to help make our airports secure, we are all responsible for contributing to keeping our cyber infrastructure secure. Record-breaking attacks on financial, healthcare and educational institutions, businesses and manufacturers seem to be occurring every week.

Why have we been so late to recognize the need for a more agile and robust cyber security posture in the private sector? Continue reading